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The Next Street offers driving evaluations for elderly drivers and people with medical challenges.

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We are now holding remote learning classroom sessions! You can fulfill your classroom requirements from your home. Classes will be taught live using Zoom with one of our outstanding driving instructors. This comes with some guidelines and restrictions, explained here:

  1. Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign that their teen attended the full two hour session for every class taken remotely.
  2. Students will need to take and pass a 10 question quiz following each online session to prove that you actually learned the material.
  3. Driving Lessons are still suspended and will remain suspended until social distancing guidelines are lifted.
  4. Students under the age of 18 can only get credit for ONE 2-hour session per day. You may not attend multiple sessions per day.
  5. When social distancing requirements are lifted, all class schedules will be altered as needed and moved to our classroom facilities. All remote attendance will count towards your requirements and we will simply carry on with classes in person.

Existing Students

If you were enrolled in an existing program at any Next Street program, including high school programs, we have automatically moved your existing schedule to a remote course. You can easily reschedule these remote sessions to days and times that work for you. We are going to have a significant volume of class offerings coming soon, with class times at 10am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm every day.

New Students

If you have not yet enrolled, you can enroll in any future program and start your sessions at any time. Please choose the Next Street location that is nearest to you and pick the schedule that works for you. Simply click the enroll link in the header to get started. After the virus risk, you will return to in-person classes at the location that you enroll in.


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Unfortunately, we have a limited call center staff working remotely. We are answering all of your most Frequently Asked Questions on our website in an effort to reduce the need for phone calls. Before calling for help, please visit Our Frequently Asked Questions Section, or you can get self-service in our Student Portal.


Student Portal is Open

If you would like to schedule future classes, lessons or driving lessons, continue to check your student portal account for availability.


A Note on Refunds

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are especially sensitive to people’s scheduling needs and fears. Our program is already built for flexibility and allows any student to change their classroom schedule without fee or penalty. Additionally, your program never expires. Following the return to work, we will have ample schedules available for classes, lessons and license tests and will honor all of our outstanding time owed to our customers. For this reason, cash refunds are not available for any unused product or service at this time.