The Student Portal is now open for self-service for all tests, lessons and classes. We are actively working to add more availability for classes, lessons and tests. Currently, there is a 2-3 month wait for lessons and driving tests.

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We Are Open During Covid-19, but Need Your Help to Keep Our Staff and Students Health & Safe.

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No other driving school makes getting your driver’s license a more fun or easy experience. The Next Street is voted The Best Driving School for teen drivers because of our flexibility - with multiple classes offered in 70+ CT driving school locations - and our professionalism. Any question you have about getting your license can be answered by The Next Streeters – our special crew of licensing experts, and the only dedicated team of its kind in any driving school in CT. For the easiest road to your license, go ahead to The Next Street.


Getting your driver’s license should be exciting – and definitely not confusing or frustrating. In Connecticut, you must be 16 years old to begin the driver’s licensing process… so if you’re at least 16, let’s get started. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to get your driver’s license.