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Connecticut requires all new drivers – regardless of your age – to complete an 8 Hour Safe Driving Course in order to obtain a driver’s license. We recognize that our students 18 and older have different driving instruction needs than our teen customers, so we created a specific 8 Hour Adult Driving School Course. Our course fulfills all of the Adult Driving School Requirements in Connecticut. This affordable course is offered in each of our Next Street locations, and a new course is available somewhere in CT every weekend. Getting your license is a big deal at any age, but should never be a big hassle. We recognize that you may be doing this because you need the Completion Certificate to get your license, but also want to make the 8 hours that you spend with us worthwhile (aka, not dreadful) and give you the driving skills you'll need to pass your license test.

We welcome and encourage adults to join our Full Driver Education programs if you are interested in a more robust learning and driving experience.


The Next Street offers the best driver’s ed programs in CT. Here’s the 101 on course and lesson options.

8 Hour Safe Driving Course

  • The minimum class requirement to obtain your Driver's License in Connecticut.
  • The fastest driver’s education course available, can be completed in either two 4-hour sessions (one weekend) or four 2-hour sessions (1-2 weeks). If you are not in a rush, you can take the classes at whatever rhythm is convenient for you.
  • The State of Connecticut CS-1 Certificate will be issued after you complete all of the required class time.
  • The course content will cover Drugs, Alcohol & Driving, Basic Driving Skills, Rules of the Road, and tips and tricks on passing your Connecticut Driving Test with the State of CT DMV.

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Private Driving Lessons

  • Sold in 2 hour packages. Prices start at $90/hour, but we do offer specials when purchasing 8 or more hours.
  • Private Driving Lessons are always one-on-one and always done in our dual-controlled vehicles.
  • Lessons are available 7 days per week from 8am – 9pm.
  • Our driver training lessons can cover all driving skills, including; basic maneuvers, highway driving, defensive driving, lane changes, urban driving, rural driving or any other topics that you may need covered. We will also give you a mock test to give you an idea what you may expect on your DMV Driving Test.


Price Starting at $99
Benefits Minimum State Requirement
Overview Fast, Affordable, Introductory
Fulfills State Requirements
Classroom Hours 8
Included Behind the Wheel Lessons None, but can be added at any time.
Insurance Discount Not Usually, check with your carrier or agent
Completion Time As fast as one day, or as slow as you'd like.
Adults Must Hold Permit For 90 Days

Adult Driving School Testimonials

Here are just a few adult driving students that are now licensed after attending The Next Street's Safe Driving Program:

10 out of 10 - "You guys are awesome. I could barely drive and my first lesson I was almost a pro. I got almost perfect and my drivers test with you guys was the calmest and easiest thing I've done. Easier than a lesson. The classroom time is also so enjoyable" - Raven

10 out of 10 - "The people there are very friendly and truly want every student to get their license. They also offer alternatives that other places in the area do not, giving a larger variety and route to get your license. I ultimately enjoyed my experience receiving mine so I think others should too."

10 out of 10 - "The Next Street provided me with great classroom training, and the driving lessons were also high quality. On the day of my test, I was confident and passed with ease; likely due to me using the tips I had learned in the classroom and on lessons."